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This in my house is so true!

As a stay at home mom, I am the one who is with the kids the most. my hubby works but even when he is home, I am still the one who takes care of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and my hubby. But I rarely ever take time for myself, Its not that I can’t its just that I don’t. I am not going to lie, Its not so fun at times. (definitely when they are sick and have fevers) Like my son who had a 103.5 fever and no other symptoms, luckily it went down and everything went back to normal. well at least I thought it did, poor baby, I am going to take him to the doctors. hope he is ok.

June already???

I cant believe its June already, May went by too fast. Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile things have been crazy.

I planed a trip to disney on mothers day week end and we ended up taking my in-laws with us. Which by the way was good and bad. Good because my in-laws were able to help out with patrick, the bad is my mother in-laws can be crazy and kinda judging at times.

Dont get me wrong I love my mother in law (I do really) but at times she can be alot to handle. My mother in law is a Italian women who grew up in Bronx Ny… That right there should tell you alot! She means well when it comes to telling me what to do with my own child (she does) but it really does get irratating after awhile, but I am sure that I am not the only one with.this issue!

Anyways beyond getting on each others nerves we had a good time and I had a great mothers day and we also got our first family photo!


In may, I also read the whole trilogy of the hunger games which by the way was awesome. I couldnt put the books down! Also I watched the movie too and it wasnt as good as the books but I did enjoy it and now I am excited that the next movie is coming out soon!

Now since patrick is turning one I will be planing his first birthday, I think I will now cry, it came to fast! Why did it have to go by so fast? Oh and he now has four teeth two top and two bottom both in the front. He is growing up too fast I wish he would slow down just a little bit, PLEASE?

Anyways since my son loves Thomas and Friends, his bithday theme this year is going to be Thomas the train. I have decided this year that I am going to make most of the decorations, which I never really do. I am excited to see how it comes out!

Drop Dead Fred!


Drop Dead Fred is one of my favorite movies that I grew up watching, never seen it? Well rent it already, will ya?

Anyways this post isn’t really about the movie though but the character “FRED” who I now really think is my daughters “pretend guys” which is what she calls them. Why do I say that well things have been crazy in my house lately ever since her “pretend guys” came along.

I realized this about 3 minutes into cleaning wet chalk off my bathroom walls and doors. My daughter decided to play with her chalk board and chalk, which is fine until she decided to wash her hands then place them all over the door and walls making little hand prints on them.

Dont get me wrong she is not really that bad. . . Yet! no mud pies or dog poop on my floors (thank God) but if she keeps this up it might get that bad! She has already decided to pee on our couch yesterday ( she is 4 and is potty trained) so this was really crazy, she was playing on her daddys laptop and she was sitting on the couch and she decided just to pee where she was sitting and lied when I asked her if she did it! No we do not have any animals so I know it was her! She also stays up late talking to herself (prentend guys) she also has been screaming at me for no reason and has an attitude like a teenager. Man do I have my hands full!

Rear facing seats in the car and Baby Daddy’s???

Ok so yes I realized that I am getting obsessed with (well more like their advice  section) because I seem to get inspired by all the stupidity of these women who post on there.

some mom who posted a questions about:

When should you get a front facing car seat? which is actually a good question but these woman blow it out there asses by saying their child who is 4 years old is still in a rear facing seat… WTF??? how is that even possible? my daughter who is four sits in a front facing seat and her legs are way to long for a rear facing seat AND the car seat would be way to small for her my son who is 9 months hardly even fits in his rear facing seat, so come on now really people???

Then some mom posted a poll about: What’s the highest amount of baby daddies you know of for one person? really for one who cares and for two why would you even answer this stupid question? well actually a lot of people did and here are some of my favorites:

by atyou: 64 Her poor vagina (I giggled at this one)

by coleysmama; Big ol’ trashy chick who lived next door to me had 8 kids by 7 men! She was constantly asking to “borrow” milk, diapers, juice. She also slept a lot and left her kids to run around uunsupervised. (wow, did you help a momma out? lol)

by mysticgrl: Haven’t these people heard of birth control? (yeah dont think so)

by Anonymous : Well I may end up with three baby daddies if my DH & I can have one together.  But before anyone calls me a slut both my babies were planned.  My oldest is my exDH, my second is my BFF, because he wanted a child & ExDH & I agreed to have a child for him.  And if I can succeed in getting pregnant with my DH now, that will be three. All of my baby daddies are nearby & see their children daily & pay their support. (good for you, helping a brotha out lol)

These are a trip…

Damn it why do you have to have some crazy people on there?

Sounds of silence

Sounds of silence

When fun no longer means. . .

When fun no longer means. . .