Ok, sooooooo I really really really suck at this!

It has been too long, I haven’t posted on here for awhile and I am sorry. Really Really sorry.

Since I started working as a teacher It took up all my time, Luckily since its summer I have more “FREE TIME” not!

well a lot has changed since I last posted, I had to quit my job as a assistant teacher. It had way to much drama for this baby mama (lol) o but really between fighting with the people I was working with (because this is high school all over again) no I didn’t work in a high school, I work for a preschool that didnt’ have their S&*t together when it came to running a business. But the good thing that came out of all this is I get to spend the summer with my kids.

What no summer Camp for my daughter?? Yeah tried that and it made me not ever want to put her in Summer camp with a school EVER!!! The first week of her being in this SO CALLED Camp, My Daughter Got bullied and then she got Blamed for It! yes you just read that right. SHE Got blamed for it, AND they tried to kick her out of the program for it!

My daughter doesn’t like to be laughed at when she is mad, PERIOD! And If this happens it causes her to get more upset. this is what Happened, My daughter was sitting by these kids on the Camp bus and they started messing with her, she screamed and she got in trouble. My daughter goes to the people who was watching her and told them that they where bothering her they did NOTHING about it (Supposedly they sat next to them and saw no bullying) Figures right? Anyways it lasted all week, so then that Thursday  I go to Pick her up and I do get threw the door when they try to tell me that my daughter was In the office because she hit someone and that they dont think she should be In the program, WTF???? I go to get her from the classroom and the first thing that comes out of my daughters mouth is that that day was her last day got to this summer camp! Again WTF??? who gave them the right to tell her that without talking to me first?

So that was the last straw, I took her with me to where I was working to help me and when I got there they told me that I wast needed today because there was hardly any kids there…. I was Mad REALLY REALLY MAD. Oh I forgot to mention that she was going to the camp at my schools “sister” school (same owners of the school I worked at) So I told my boss what happened (she didn’t know go figure) and freaked out then i told her that I was spending more then I was making ($400 for two weeks) I was spending $550 for My daughter to go to their camp and my son to go to their school all together, so i told them I quit. the good thing is I now have some experience and I am almost done with my 40hr classes which are mandatory for teaching in Florida’s preschools.

Well I think all things happen for a reason so I am trying to look at it a a opportunity for some thing better!


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