Drop Dead Fred!


Drop Dead Fred is one of my favorite movies that I grew up watching, never seen it? Well rent it already, will ya?

Anyways this post isn’t really about the movie though but the character “FRED” who I now really think is my daughters “pretend guys” which is what she calls them. Why do I say that well things have been crazy in my house lately ever since her “pretend guys” came along.

I realized this about 3 minutes into cleaning wet chalk off my bathroom walls and doors. My daughter decided to play with her chalk board and chalk, which is fine until she decided to wash her hands then place them all over the door and walls making little hand prints on them.

Dont get me wrong she is not really that bad. . . Yet! no mud pies or dog poop on my floors (thank God) but if she keeps this up it might get that bad! She has already decided to pee on our couch yesterday ( she is 4 and is potty trained) so this was really crazy, she was playing on her daddys laptop and she was sitting on the couch and she decided just to pee where she was sitting and lied when I asked her if she did it! No we do not have any animals so I know it was her! She also stays up late talking to herself (prentend guys) she also has been screaming at me for no reason and has an attitude like a teenager. Man do I have my hands full!


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