Rear facing seats in the car and Baby Daddy’s???

Ok so yes I realized that I am getting obsessed with (well more like their advice  section) because I seem to get inspired by all the stupidity of these women who post on there.

some mom who posted a questions about:

When should you get a front facing car seat? which is actually a good question but these woman blow it out there asses by saying their child who is 4 years old is still in a rear facing seat… WTF??? how is that even possible? my daughter who is four sits in a front facing seat and her legs are way to long for a rear facing seat AND the car seat would be way to small for her my son who is 9 months hardly even fits in his rear facing seat, so come on now really people???

Then some mom posted a poll about: What’s the highest amount of baby daddies you know of for one person? really for one who cares and for two why would you even answer this stupid question? well actually a lot of people did and here are some of my favorites:

by atyou: 64 Her poor vagina (I giggled at this one)

by coleysmama; Big ol’ trashy chick who lived next door to me had 8 kids by 7 men! She was constantly asking to “borrow” milk, diapers, juice. She also slept a lot and left her kids to run around uunsupervised. (wow, did you help a momma out? lol)

by mysticgrl: Haven’t these people heard of birth control? (yeah dont think so)

by Anonymous : Well I may end up with three baby daddies if my DH & I can have one together.  But before anyone calls me a slut both my babies were planned.  My oldest is my exDH, my second is my BFF, because he wanted a child & ExDH & I agreed to have a child for him.  And if I can succeed in getting pregnant with my DH now, that will be three. All of my baby daddies are nearby & see their children daily & pay their support. (good for you, helping a brotha out lol)

These are a trip…

Damn it why do you have to have some crazy people on there?


One thought on “Rear facing seats in the car and Baby Daddy’s???

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