Is Your Play Yard Safe? Check Out These New Rules

The Bump Blog

At the end of next week, February 28th, all manufacturers and importers of infant and toddler play yards are required to test their play yards prior to retail to ensure that they meet new federal safety standards. This means play yards must have:

–Side rails that do not form a sharp V shape when folded, to prevent a children from strangling in the side rail. –Stronger brackets to prevent sharp-edged cracks and a side-rail collapse.
–Sturdier mattress attachments to the play yard floor, whicfh will prevent children from getting trapped or hurt.

in order to meet the safety standards. These actions taken by the CPSC are to further ensure the protection of children under “Danny’s Law” (the Danny Keysar Child Protection Safety Notification Act). This law was passed after Danny Keysar was killed in Chicago in 1998 when a previously recalled play yard collapsed. The new play yard standard is…

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